Timber Pines is a fully built community consisting of 3,452 homes which are organized into 57 Village Communities. All property owners in Timber Pines are assessed the same modest monthly association fee to maintain the numerous amenities in the total community. The budget operates on a fiscal year from July 1 to June 30 and fees are adjusted on an annual basis. Within this basic structure, two housing lifestyle options are available and are described below:

1.  Free Standing Houses – Owners of houses assume full responsibility for the maintenance of their properties. This includes grass mowing, watering, fertilizing, pest control, landscaping, roofing and outside painting and care of the homes. Home owners are free to choose to perform these tasks or to hire others to do them.

2. Villas – Some villas are free standing but the vast majority are attached to two or more other units. In this option, the property owner pays an additional monthly fee to their Villa Association to create a maintenance free life style. This additional fee covers the cost of lawn mowing, landscape trimming, fertilizing, pest control on lawns and the exterior painting of the villas. The additional fees for these services are set for each villa village through their village corporate structure and are adjusted on an annual basis.